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Engine Motor Oil

Oil Changes in Naples, FL


Available at the 1440 Airport Pulling Rd N location


Duramax Synthetic Blend Basic Oil Change Starting at $35.00

Our Basic Oil Change Includes:


  • Change Oil with DURAMAX Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

  • Replace Oil Filter

  • Check Engine Air Filter

  • Check Tire Pressure

  • Check and top off Coolant

  • Check and top off Washer Fluid

Castrol Full Service Oil Change

Starting at $45.99



Our Full Service Oil Change Includes:

Change Oil with Castrol GTX Conventional Engine Oil

  • Replace Oil Filter**

  • Clean Windshield and Inspect Wipers

  • Vacuum Interior

  • Check Engine Air Filter

  • Check Cabin Air Filter

  • Check Tire Pressure

  • Check and Top Off Coolant

  • Check and Top Off Washer Fluid

  • Check Transmission Dipstick for Level


Oil is used as a lubricant for your engine, and over time, it will start to break down and pick up impurities. Because oil also enters the combustion chamber, it can be burned away as well. Regular oil changes are the only way to avoid the issues that come with old oil or a low level of oil. If you need an oil change in Naples, FL, contact Windermere Sustainable Car Care today.

Benefits of an Oil Change


You can enjoy a wide variety of benefits when you change your oil regularly. With modern lubricants, you should probably come in for a change every 5,000 miles or so. Doing so will give some great benefits, including:

  • Better efficiency and mileage: New oil helps your engine stay clean and work efficiently, which means you get more mileage out of each gallon.

  • Healthier engine: Regular oil changes cut down on engine wear and tear, which protects your engine from premature problems.

  • Improved emissions: A buildup of old oil can cause your car to emit more dangerous hydrocarbons when you drive. These are both bad for the environment and bad for your car’s emission tests. Regular oil changes will eliminate both of those worries.

Plus, over time, you will save money with regular oil changes because you will avoid expensive repairs and possible engine replacement.

Benefits of Our Services


At Windermere Sustainable Car Care, you can choose between our synthetic oil change and our conventional oil change. We offer high-quality oil for both of these options, but synthetic oil has some unique benefits, such as the ability to stay cleaner over time and its ability to function better in extreme temperatures.

If you’re not sure which is best for your car, our technicians can help you out. With our experience and our dedication to integrity, you’ll love bringing your car here. Contact us today at (239) 213-1440 to schedule your oil change in Naples, FL.



Both Oil Change packages include up to 5 quarts of oil. **Filter charges will apply. Additional quarts are extra. Full service oil change is Castrol GTX conventional oil. DURAMAX Synthetic Blend and or Full Synthetic oil in 5w20, 5w30, 5w40,10w30 and 15w40. *DURAMAX is not a Castrol Product. 


Any questions please call 239-213-1470 and ask for Michael.

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