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At Windermere Sustainable Car Care®, we specialize in providing top-notch repair and maintenance services for vehicles of all kinds. Whether you drive a classic car or the latest model, our expert technicians are here to keep your wheels running smoothly.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Oil Change

Why Windermere?

Windermere Sustainable Car Care ® is a family-owned and operated business that provides complete repair and maintenance to all makes and models. Veteran car enthusiast Michael manages it. Anytime you entrust us with your vehicle, we give it a complete diagnostic check. The team will inspect all your car’s major operating systems, including your tires, lights, fluid levels, wipers, belts, battery, hoses, and more. Our auto care advisors are easy to talk to, and they’ll explain any suggested repairs or maintenance. Then, they’ll perform only the services that you approve. We’re looking out for your car and your budget, so no unnecessary cost is involved.

Our Promise to You



We adhere to the highest levels of integrity and fair dealing.

Outstanding Customer Service

We utilize all available resources to help you make your vehicles more efficient, safe, and comfortable to drive.

car technology


We will utilize the best and most advanced car diagnostic and repair equipment available to “Help your car take care of you.”


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