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Is your A/C Hot?

It Might be time for an A/C recharge. 

When a systems capacity is low the A/C compressor will shut off (in most cases).  The reason it does this is to attempt  to save the Compressor.  (The Refrigerant carries the oil through the system.) When you re-store the A/C to the correct level it can allow the compressor to operate again. 

A/C recharging is a good first step in the diagnostics of an inoperative A/C System.

We at Windermere Sustainable Car Care ® in Naples, FL have 3 EPA Certified technicians to assist you in your A/C recharging needs.

There is no guarantee that an A/C Recharge will fix an inoperative system or that it will last after it is recharged as we have no way of telling how fast our system leaks out refrigerant.


A/C recharging restores the vehicle to factory recommended R134A (Refrigerant) Levels. It also cleans and reduces moisture in the A/C system.

A/C Recharging takes about 45 Min. Please call to set  appointment or stop by today.

A/C Recharge
A/C Recharge
A/C Recharge
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